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Monday, February 18th, 2008
2:46 pm
Fat people don't cost you anything (from slate.com)
Abolish the Fat Tax! It's time to shut up about "the cost of obesity." by Daniel Engber (of Slate.com)

A favorite segment of this article:

A second study, published in the American Journal of Public Health on Jan. 30, looked at the relationship between body image and health. The authors compared people of similar age, gender, education level, and rates of diabetes and hypertension, and examined how often they reported feeling under the weather over a 30-day period. It turned out that body image had a much bigger impact on their health than body size. In other words, two equally obese women would have very different health outcomes, depending on how they felt about their bodies. Likewise, two women with similar insecurities would have more similar health outcomes, even if one were fat and the other thin.

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
2:23 am
As I'm going through my usual winter retrokick, I was doing some online shopping....

Anyone need plus sized hosiery in something bigger than the 'D' or queen size?



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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
12:00 pm
What happened to Angelina?
Engaging in my dirty habit of reading www.perezhilton.com, I tripped across this
picture of Angelina Jolie.

Then I saw this one...


And here she is in the movie 'Original Sin' (which has a SMOKING sex scene, BTW!) Which I think is the movie where she is at her most beautiful. (And possibly her heaviest- if she can ever be called heavy!)


She's getting skeleton head! And... While I'm happy to see my own collarbones reappear, there is always too much of a good thing!

Is this what Brad Pitt does to women? Or just our sick society? I don't think that- if one wants to follow the societal line- you could find anyone with a more perfect body- so why has she lost so much weight? I mean one of the reasons she was so hot was because she actually had breasts that were real (or at least very well done!) If Angelina wasn't 'perfect' before, how can any of us ever be perfect unless we live on lettuce?

Now I've dropped from a 22 to a 16, and I'm feeling pretty good- would like to be a 14, but if it doesn't happen, I shall survive. I still want to be curvey! (Just back fat roll free!!!) But sizes are becoming hyper insane. At my mothers, I was reading the Neiman Marcus catalogue, and there was a dress that came in size 0-10. That's it. So...does that mean that a size 12 is now 'fat?' When the average american woman is an 18? It's been scientifically proven that if you diet before you finish puberty, you alter your fat cells so that they keep growing! (I now curse that 25 lbs I lost in grade 7 when I went on my first diet- that might be one of the reasons I have a weight problem now!!!) So does this mean that girls in grade 7 are presently looking at Angelina thinking 'I really have to diet to look like that!' and setting themselves on a course which will give them a lifelong weight problem?

I don't get it. I really don't.
Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
10:22 am
What to do about kids?
What do you do when your nieces and nephews hit the point that they realize you're fat and that "fat" is something to tease people about?

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
10:29 am
Hey all!
Welcome to Botticelli Babes!

Have fun! Play nice! Share your yummy shopping secrets! Cry on our shoulders! Be as brilliant as *insert deity or spirituality of your choice* made you to be! Be comfortable!

I will post an intro to me soon- I'm swamped at the mo and about to go away, but I felt there was a need for this place!
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